Sunday, January 1, 2017

All Girls Weekend 2016

 Playing Push the Dummy with everyone!

Angela went with Janet and Rob and the girls to go stay on Tybee with Britt Eric and the kids - Liz joined them early that morning to see them and say hi and have breakfast with them or she would have missed them totally!

 Cousin love!!!

Mom, Linda, Laura and I drove out on Sunday morning - had breakfast at the Cotton Exchange while waiting for the cousins to catch up with us!

Off on our tourist boat ride up and down the river :)

 Lizzie joined us on the boat - fun times!!

Our hotel.

 Goof balls !!

 The hall where Linda and Mom had their room - they were to the left in the first alcove.  It was a very cute room with two queens that were iron with canopy's - very cute!

For dinner we walked down to the River House to eat

 GREAT food!

The next morning dawned a little overcast, but still a beautiful view!

 Found out WHY our door wouldn't open - look at the damage this room has from the Hurricane that came through a few months ago!!  WOW!

Breakfast at Tubby's - another great meal!!

Laura, Mom, Linda and I went to the Davenport house:
Advertised picture from the TOP of the stairs.....

MY picture from the bottom - not nearly as nice... oh, well, it was a very nice stairwell!

this is my view from the drivers seat - Linda asleep... zzzzz
 Mom asleep ... zzzzz hahahaha!  Laura was awake and keeping me company!

Four siblings with the folks!
The VERY day the last person left for home - this happened!!  My garage door popped and broke!
 Couple hundred later and we're all good again!

Memorabilia from the trip